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PT3015 Fiber Laser machine 1000W – 4000W

PT3015 is our best selling fiber laser cutting machine series. It is priced to fit most customer budgets and can meet industrial or small business cutting needs. If you are looking for equipment to cut sheet metal, this is the best choice.

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Product Features

Adopting bilateral servo motors and guided rotation mechanisms, with high cutting accuracy, and using professional display software, various graphics can be freely designed for real-time processing or text processing, with flexible processing, simple and convenient operation. Applied to high-speed cutting, with high speed and stability.

Application Scope

Suitable for metal materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, galvanized steel plate, nickel titanium alloy, chromium nickel iron alloy, titanium alloy, etc.

Widely used in various manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automobiles and ships, machinery manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, advertising production, home appliance manufacturing, medical equipment, hardware, decoration, metal external processing services, etc.

Advantages of Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

  1. Excellent beam quality: smaller focusing spot, finer cutting lines, higher work efficiency, and better processing quality;
  2. Extremely high cutting speed: twice the same power CO2 laser cutting machine;
  3. Extremely stable: Adopting world-class fiber lasers, with stable performance and a lifespan of up to 100000 hours for key components;
  4. Extremely high electro-optical conversion efficiency: Fiber laser cutting machines have a mechanical to optical conversion efficiency twice that of CO2 laser cutting machines, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly;
  5. Extremely low usage cost: The power consumption of the entire machine is only 20% of that of similar CO2 laser cutting machines-
  6. Extremely low maintenance cost: no laser working gas; Fiber optic transmission without the need for reflective lenses; Can save a lot of maintenance costs;
  7. Easy operation and maintenance of the product: optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path;
  8. Super strong flexible light guiding effect: compact in size, compact in structure, easy to meet flexible processing requirements

Equipment Parameters

Parameter/Model LFD3015-1500W Exchange Workbench
Processing scope 3050*1550
Maximum laser power 1500W
Height adjustment Planar tracking
Minimum Line Width 0.1mm
Pulse frequency 1-5000Hz
Repetitive positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Aiming and positioning Red light
Power consumption ≤60kw
Electricity demand 380V/50Hz/60Hz/80A
Overall dimensions 8000x3150x1700mm

Mian Configuration

SN Name Model/Series Amount Manufacturer
1 Laser generator
1.1 Fiber laser 1500w 1 Max
2 External light path and cutting head
2.1 Laser cutting head 1 RayTools
3 Machine Host
3.1 machine body 3015 EW 1
3.2 linear guide HGL25HA2R 2 KING TEK
3.3 Servo motor and driver 4 Inovance
3.4 XY axis planetary reducer MAF-090 3 Motovario
3.5 Helical gear/rack YYC 2M 2 YYC
3.6 Control cabinet 1
3.7 Machine tool accessories 1
4 CNC and software system
4.1 CNC system FSCUT 1 柏楚
4.2 Industrial computer 1
5 Standard attachments
5.1 Precision chiller HL-1500 1 HL
5.2 Automatic oil filling system 1
5.3 Industrial air conditioning 1
5.4 Exhaust system 1
5.5 Enclosed enclosure 1
5.6 Material exchange platform 1
5.7 Material receiving trolley 1
6 Main operational efficiency
6.1 accelerated speed 0.8g
6.2 Rated idle speed 80m/s

Lathe Bed

The bed adopts a patented structure from the Super Star Group, with overall stress relief treatment and precision machining completed in one go using a large machining center, ensuring high rigidity, accuracy, and stability;

Gear Rack and Guide Rail

Gear and rack: Taiwan precision helical gear and rack, P-grade linear guide rail as transmission components, with high accuracy and fast speed.

Guide rail: Adopting Taiwan’s linear guide rail and integrating optimized structural design, the heavy-duty precision linear guide rail has improved load and rigidity compared to other linear guides; It has the advantages of high speed, high load, high rigidity, and high accuracy.

Servo Motor

The use of Japanese servo motors with good dynamic response acceleration enables the possibility of high-precision positioning. High stability, high precision, and maintenance free.


Imported reducer is used.


  1. High precision: Backgap less than 3 arc minutes, precise positioning.
  2. High rigidity, high torque: The use of integral roller bearings greatly improves rigidity and torque.
  3. No grease leakage: Use high viscosity, non separable grease to effectively prevent grease leakage.
  4. Easy maintenance: There is no need to replace the lubricating grease during the product’s lifespan.

Fiber Laser Generator

Choosing the Chuangxin fiber laser generator, the advantages of the laser generator are:

  • High electro-optic conversion rate
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Long service life
  • Low comprehensive use cost
  • Maintenance free

Characteristics of Fiber Laser Head

  1. Adopting QBH interface, it can adapt to all fiber lasers outputted by QBH connectors.
  2. The dustproof design of the collimation protection mirror with an invention patent design.
  3. Automatic focus adjustment, fast speed, high accuracy, and convenient operation.

Control System

The CNC control system consists of main components such as a PC control system, drivers, and servo motors. Adopting a dedicated laser CNC system, it represents the most professional laser processing CNC system. The compact and modular CNC meets the needs of users for high-performance CNC systems with its excellent cost-effectiveness.

Superior performance:

  • First-class technology and efficiency

The new technology of CNC and the open CNC architecture using Intel dual core CPUs allow users to choose CNC components more flexibly and achieve one step ahead CNC performance.

  • Modular structure
  • High speed machining

High speed machine tools require extremely short program cycle times (PA reaching 7200 program segments/second) and special control algorithms and communication functions The ‘adaptive pre reading function’ will preprocess 1000 program segments in real-time and calculate the maximum feed rate within the programming parameters and limitations to meet the requirements of complex machining.

  • Accuracy

The requirements for high productivity, high precision, and good surface processing quality have been continuously improving.

  • Human machine interface

Comprehensive diagnostic function, fast fault finding; Various cutting auxiliary gases can be easily converted through the CNC system.

We have a laser expert cutting process parameter library and a user-friendly expert database parameter interface that allows for real-time modification of laser cutting process parameters.

The Ethernet communication interface can directly communicate with the computer and transmit part program files. It has the function of displaying status and current position.

The hard disk storage space is 250G, which allows for direct calling of machining programs from the hard disk, without being limited by system memory. Remote diagnosis function, digital servo system. Color LCD display.

Programming and Nesting Software

Cypcut and Cuytube are a powerful metal cutting system and intelligent layout software, including laser cutting process processing, commonly used layout functions, and laser processing control. The main functions include graphic processing, parameter settings, custom cutting process editing, layout, path planning, simulation, and cutting process control.

Coolant Passage

The Wuhan Hanli chiller system is used to efficiently cool the laser generator, optical components, and cutting heads. The cooling unit has a closed loop circuit for cooling water.

Industrial Air Conditioning

Adopting high-end specialized industrial air conditioning, effectively ensuring the cleanliness of the air inside the cabinet and the ambient temperature, intelligent automation control, intelligent regulation based on the ambient temperature inside the cabinet, dual filter protection, fully adapting to harsh environments such as poor environment, high dust, and high temperature. Greatly improving the service life of precision electrical components.

Fiber laser cutting machine 3015 is used to cut various metal materials, its maximum cutting range is 3000mm*1500mm, and the cutting thickness depends on different power and materials. It is easy to use, fast cutting and low maintenance.


Snijden werkgebied
Laser Generator
Raycus / IPG /MAX
Transmissie systeem
Gear + Rails
Verwerking Materiaal
Roestvrij staal/carbon staal/verzinkt staal/aluminium/koper/ijzer en dus op alle soorten metalen
Fiber Laser Power
Koeling Manier
XY as locatie nauwkeurigheid
± 0.01mm
XY as herhalen locatie nauwkeurigheid
± 0.01mm
XY as max bewegende snelheid
120 m/min
Laser golf lengte
Bruto gewicht
Machine Garantie
3 jaar