Technical transformation and upgrading services for laser cutting machines


Rich Laser, a company from the laser equipment base in Chinese Mainland, specializes in the sales and technical services of laser cutting machines and accessories; We provide sales of complete machines and accessories for laser cutting machines, as well as technical renovation and upgrading services. The high-quality and affordable complete machine and accessories you need can be obtained from us.

BT220 CUT series RAYTOOLS 2000W Medium and low power cutting head

BT220 series is a fiber cutting head suitable for medium and small power launched by Swiss RAYTOOLS AG in 2019. The diversified interface settings enable it to be matched with various mainstream fiber lasers. This cutting head adopts an optimized optical design, which is extremely light in weight, small in size, and easy to use. With the height sensor, it can make cutting more efficient and has a very high cost performance. It is the first choice for laser plane cutting equipment with a power of 2000W and below.

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Ceramic Parts For Fiber Laser Head

The ceramic ring of the laser cutting head is precision machined, with good brittleness and temperature adaptability, and is made of imported ceramic materials. It is suitable for laser cutting head welding joint applications such as Jiaqiang, Wanshunxing, Pratt, Potts, Osprey, etc. The ceramic ring of the laser cutting head is installed on the laser cutting head and located above the nozzle, under the sensor. It is responsible for transmitting and collecting cutting signals emitted by the nozzle to prevent the nozzle from colliding with the plate during operation and damaging other valuable parts of the cutting head

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Cloudray 0-2kW WSX KC15A Fiber Laser Cutting Head

This cutting head has strong advantages in medium power and large format light cutting applications. The internal structure of the laser head is completely sealed to avoid dust contamination of the optical part. The laser head adopts two-point centering adjustment, and the focus is driven by imported electric shock, which significantly improves the efficiency in perforation. The protective lens adopts a drawer type structure, which is convenient for replacement. It can be equipped with various lasers with QBH connectors. With display fault alarm, collimation alarm, pressure alarm, lower protection mirror alarm function indicator.

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Cloudray 0-3.3KW Raytools BM110-FC 2D AutoFocus Fiber Laser Cutting Head

The BM110 series is a self focusing fiber optic cutting head launched by Swiss RAYTOOLS AG in 2019. This product has a built-in motor drive unit that automatically changes the position of the focus lens within a range of 24mm through a linear mechanism. Users can set continuous focus through a program to complete rapid perforation of thick plates and automatically cut plates of different thicknesses and materials. This product is equipped with a D30 composite lens group to integrate the light beam, optimizing the optical and water cooling design so that the laser head can work continuously and stably for a long time under high power.

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Cloudray 0-3KW WSX NC30 Autofocus Laser Cutting Head

Convenient and simple to replace, it can be used for various lasers with QBH fiber connectors, with a maximum air pressure of 25Bar, a horizontal adjustment range of ± 1.5mm, an effective optical aperture of 25mm, a collimating focal length of 75mm, and a vertical focus range of ± 8mm

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Fiber Laser RF Cable

Optical fiber laser cutting machine welding machine sensor capacitance connection high-temperature connector – laser induction line RF line TTW cable. High quality and stable connection; Material: Double headed brass+double headed silver plated, suitable for laser cutting head welding joints such as Jiaqiang, Prezt, Wanshunxing, Ousprui, etc. SMB (female) – SMA (male) laser sensing line – TTW cable RF line has a long service life. Use flat, tube cut, and 3D laser cut head weld joint applications.

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FSCUT2000C Low power board system

The FSCUT2000C system is a high-performance open loop laser control system. Widely used in the field of metal and non-metal laser cutting.Layout: parts are arranged more reasonably to reduce plate waste.One key cutting: quickly cut the plate to recover the remaining material.Automatic edge searching: multiple edge searching methods to accurately and quickly determine the plate rotation angle.Flight cutting: reduce acceleration, deceleration, and lifting during the cutting process, and increase the cutting speed.

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Handheld welding water chiller and cabinet

This product was launched in 2019 and was designed specifically for laser handheld welding machines, including handheld welding cabinets, chillers, and other accessories. Users only need to add lasers, welding heads, and electrical components to easily assemble and mold.

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Internally Mounted Spring Seals For Laser Cutting Head

The cutting head flood plug protection lens sealing ring is applicable to the optical fiber laser cutting head protection lens sealing gasket. High quality materials are resistant to high temperature, leakage, and abrasion. Applicable models (sealing ring for focus protection mirror and sealing ring for collimation protection mirror), specifications (outer diameter, inner diameter, thickness), long service life, ultra-thin high-strength stainless steel spring, good effect, and good sealing performance. The sealing ring for the laser protective lens has a long service life and good anti leakage performance.

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Laser Cutting Head Capacitance Signal Amplifier

The capacitor signal amplifier is an important part of the height controller of the laser cutting control system. It filters and amplifies the capacitance signal induced at the top of the laser cutting head and transmits it to the height controller, and controls the movement of the laser cutting head in the z-axis direction through the height controller and the control system.

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Laser cutting head nozzle connection

Raytools laser cutting head nozzle connector TRA assembly capacitive sensor follower head; Suitable for Jiaqiang and LaserMech cutting heads in flat, tube, and 3D models: BT230, BT200, BT210S flat, BT210S 3D, BT220S, BT230 3D, BT240S, BT230, BM109, BM114S, BM115S, BM110, and BM112S cutting heads. Convenient installation, simple operation, complete models

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Laser Cutting Nozzles

The ceramic ring for the nozzle of a laser cutting head is usually used at the bottom of the laser head (cutting head, welding head, cladding head, etc.). The base material of the nozzle is red copper and red copper chrome plating. The function of the nozzle is to prevent impurities such as molten stains from rebounding upward and contaminating the focusing lens through the nozzle; To control the gas diffusion area and size, the main function of the laser cutting copper nozzle ceramic ring is to transmit the electrical signals collected by the laser head nozzle; The main structure is a three part group consisting of ceramic body, stainless steel parts, and copper needles.

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Laser head protective lenses

Optical fiber laser protective film is generally used inside the laser head, divided into upper protective film (collimating protective film) and lower protective film (focusing protective film), with both sides coated with antireflection film. Its base material is generally JGS1 or fused quartz. The main role of laser protective film is to protect the environment inside the laser head as a protection for other lenses, to prevent damage caused by slag or dust or other workplace hazards.

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Optical fiber laser Collimating focusing lenses Group

Optical fiber laser collimating mirror Focusing mirror is used inside the laser cutting head, and collimating mirror is used to collimate the optical path, making the divergent optical path become a parallel optical path. Matching different optical elements can optimize beam collimation for different measurement processes. In order to improve the coupling efficiency of optical fibers and reduce the beam divergence angle, optical fiber collimators need to be installed at the fiber ports. Focusing mirror is an optical element that can compress divergent laser light in an angular direction. Fiber laser focusing mirrors can effectively converge the light beams at the end of the fiber and control the output beam in a small area. According to the requirements of different applications, two or more focusing lenses can be used, and this optical element is called a composite focusing lens. Sometimes, aspherical focusing lenses are also used. From the perspective of the use effect, aspherical lenses have the best effect, followed by composite focusing lenses.

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