Technical transformation and upgrading services for laser cutting machines

Frequent inquiries from customers regarding laser cutting machines

Frequent inquiries from customers regarding laser cutting machines

1、 Q: What is the “flying light path” in a laser cutting machine?

Answer: In general, in order to stabilize the output, we will fix the laser generator, and the transmission direction of the laser is relatively fixed. However, in order to meet the requirements, we artificially adopt certain methods to change the transmission direction of the laser according to needs, making the laser transmission a dynamic transmission. The usual measures taken are mirrors, optical fibers, etc.

The light source does not move, the reflector moves, and the focusing mirror moves, but the output light port always maintains a stable power output, which is the flight light path

2、 Q: What are the cutting processes of laser cutting machines?

Answer: There are several types of cutting processes:

A. Melting cutting is the process of irradiating a sheet with the speed of incident laser light. When the laser power reaches a certain critical value, local areas are melted, achieving the cutting effect.

B. Vaporization cutting uses high power density laser beam to heat materials to avoid slag burrs formed by melting caused by heat conduction. Some materials evaporate into steam and disappear. The edges are beautiful.

C. Oxidation cutting is that the oxygen blown out of the nozzle is ignited by the laser, and the oxygen has a fierce chemical reaction to produce hot working; For brittle materials that are prone to thermal damage, high-speed and controllable cutting through laser beam heating can cause large thermal gradients and severe mechanical deformation in the area, leading to the formation of cracks in the material, also known as controlled fracture cutting.

3、 Q: How many key technologies are there in CO2 laser cutting?

Answer: The main related technologies are as follows

One is the white motion focusing system technology, where the smaller the depth of the focus, the smaller the diameter of the laser direct focus. Therefore, controlling the position of the focus relative to the surface of the cut material is very important.

The second is cutting and piercing technology. Any cutting technology, in addition to starting from the edge, generally has an unknown parameter commonly known as “cutting edge” at the beginning of the cutting position. It means drilling holes first, followed by subsequent cutting and processing.

The third is nozzle design airflow technology. When laser cutting materials, air flow is generated at the nozzle. Generally, the air flow includes “air”, “nitrogen”, and “oxygen”, which not only accelerates or beautifies the material, but also blows off the slag. It’s really like killing two birds with one stone.

4、 Q: What related technologies are integrated into YAG laser cutting machines?

Answer: The internal device system of the laser cutting machine’s operating platform runs on the WINDOWS platform with a Chinese interface. If it is an export machine, it can also be equipped with an English interface.

At the same time, compatible drawing software includes various software such as AUTOCAD, CORELDRAW, PHOTOSHOP, etc. The output formats are diverse, such as PLT, PCW, DXF, BMP, etc. It can also directly load and use SHX, TTF font libraries. It has strong flexibility and can be easily programmed and operated through computer graphics.

5、 Q: May I ask the operating precautions for laser cutting machines?

Answer: Based on my experience, laser cutting machines have the following precautions.

  1. Because the laser beam is invisible and cannot be seen by the human eye, do not stare for a long time. If you encounter the light path, it can be dangerous.
  2. Harmful elements (ZnSe) in the focusing lens of the laser cutting machine should not be in frequent contact with the lens. Scrapped lenses should be treated specifically and not thrown around.
  3. If the processing material is generally carbon steel or iron, it is not a big problem, if a large amount of aluminum alloy or other alloy materials are processed. Cutting dust is harmful when inhaled by the human body in the air, so it is necessary to wear a mask. Due to the strong reflection of the aluminum plate, a device is added to the laser head to avoid injury.